Delegation from the Moldovan bank “Banca de Economii” visited a BS/2 company

Friday, August 29, 2014

On 21-23 August, this year, representatives of the Moldovan bank “Banca de Economii”: Chairman of the Board Constantin Paladi and Director of the Payment Cards Department Radu Railean, visited the central office of JSC “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2) in Vilnius.

Representatives of BS/2, a company owned by a group of companies “Penki kontinentai”, and “Banca de Economii” bank discussed the ongoing ATM acquisition projects and possibilities for further cooperation. Software payment solution “Payments.iQ” and mobile banking system “Mobile Banking.iQ” were presented to the guests from Moldova. Representatives of “Banca de Economii” also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the activities of other companies owned by the group (“ASHBURN International”, “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras”).

“Banca de Economii” is one of the largest banks in Moldova that operates the most extensive network of branches in the country providing banking services. Cooperation between BS/2 and “Banca de Economii” has been going on for more than 10 years.

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