The New Mobile Banking.iQ Version Released

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lithuania's Penki Kontinentai Banking Technologies Co. has released the new version of its successful Mobile Banking.iQ software product. It features extended functionality and a new graphic smartphone application user interface.

Mobile Banking.iQ is integrated with a special Payments.iQ module. Users can use mobile devices to pay for various services - as now they receive a list of service providers along with ready applications for selected suppliers. Payments are made from the user's bank account.

In the new version, budget function is notably expanded, and now it is available to both authorized and unauthorized users. Customers are encouraged to not only track their incomes and expenses, but also to set limits on their overall expenditures as well as for each category of goods and services. Tables and graphs showing current state and forecasts are provided, allowing to more effectively manage your budget and control your expenses.

The graphic Mobile Banking.iQ user interface is updated with regard to latest Google Brand Book requirements.

Feedback function is also updated. It is based on Push Notification technology which allows you to quickly inform your customers by sending them free messages. Mobile Banking.iQ developers have also updated such features as banners, FAQs, corporate news, etc. In the new version it is possible to make a targeted mailing of any messages for a specific group of customers exclusively.

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